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Client: Private Owner

Business Description: Equipment Rental and Distribution (Macomb County, Michigan)

  • Large Industrial/Const. Equip.
  • Rental
  • Municipal Equip.
  • Sales & Service
  • ($14M)
  • M & A- Acquisition by Public Company

Critical Issues:

  • Big three tier three plant rental equipment supplier
  • 80 year old family business in a national “roll-up” industry
  • 5 owner/managers with no common vision
  • Negative cash flow
  • Declining revenue & equity
  • Passive-aggressive infighting
  • Working capital lender leaving industry
  • Some business lines had negative gross margins


  • After years of cost cutting, reduced overhead by over $1 Million
  • Implemented new standards to increase efficiency and create sense of urgency
  • Implemented new pricing models
  • Eliminated unprofitable & unpopular business lines and related overhead
  • Shifted focus to profitable business lines
  • Worked with management to create alignment and shared goals/vision
  • Cash flow and profitability increased
  • Ultimately management could not sustain new culture and decided to sell
  • Solicited and obtained strategic buyer from public company sector
  • Negotiated an above market price for all assets
  • Performed 90% of client due diligence in accordance with Sarbanes-Oxley over 9 month period

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