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“We were the lender to a firm that Kevin Burke was involved in. Kevin proved himself to be a strong crisis manager and worked with integrity and honesty which resulted in our firm’s loan being paid in full.”

Edward Lewan, President, Greenfield Commercial Credit

“Having worked with Kevin on dozens of complex business transactions over the years, he impresses me with his mastery of the detail and in developing creative solutions. His extensive background in business management and commercial banking creates significant advantages in negotiation, litigation, due diligence, and problem-solving in the context of business dealings.”

Mark C. Rossman, Partner, Mantese Honigman Rossman & Williamson, P.C.

“Kevin’s “strong suit,” is his ability to think and manage “out of the box.” His knowledge and many years of experience provides him with the “horsepower” to see beyond the obvious and execute a winning strategy that produces successful results. I would strongly recommend the engagement of Kevin M. Burke in resolution of problem loans. Kevin’s depth of knowledge, experience, and people skills are the tools that turn troubled assets into functioning assets.”

James Merritt, President, New Horizons Properties, Inc.

“When I worked with Kevin, he was always a very detail oriented. Kevin always provided accurate and timely figures for our decision-making process. We could always count on Kevin to have the information available that could make or break a project.”

Frederick Lovelace, President, PHC of Michigan, Inc.

“Over the last year, Kevin has provided several of our clients solid, practical strategies to maximize results during this tough economy. Client feedback continues to rank as “exceptional.”

Dan DiBardino, CEO, Recon Management Group LLC

Kevin is very skilled; attentive to details; with access to a wide range of resources and assets to better assist in full service problem-solving and development of a detailed plan of action. I recommend him and his services without reservation.”

Dean Valente, Partner, Valente, Scharg & Associates

“Kevin is a knowledgeable and trustworthy individual. He has provided exceptional advice and support to several of my clients over the years. I am confident in Kevin and would recommend him to any of my clients.”

Carla Marsh, Regional Accountant Specialist, ADP

“Kevin is a very knowledgeable and astute banking professional, He’s shown excellent expertise in understanding lending practices, real estate finance and negotiations. Additionally, he’s proven to show great leadership and responsibility in his role in corporate management.”

Frederick Sosa, MBA, Senior Real Estate Analyst, Sterling Bank & Trust

“Kevin demonstrates the importance of having a well-developed strategy at the outset that is aimed toward accomplishing the goals of his clients. Working from a well-thought-out plan has allowed him to please his clients and achieve great success.”

Adele Ice-King, Attorney, The Miller Law Firm, P.C.

“I have known Kevin for 25 years and we have worked together on numerous projects. Kevin is intelligent, detailed and aggressive. He knows what it takes to make things happen. He is an excellent communicator and negotiator. In addition, Kevin is honest and trustworthy. These are all of the attributes of a superstar, and that is exactly what Kevin is.”

Brent Dreyer, VP eCommerce, Direct Services Inc.

“I have recommended Mr. Burke to a very good client in need of his companies services. I had watched the performance of professionals offering similar services and the performance was terrible with regard to actual progress. Mr. Burke I am happy to report for my clients has made substantial, definable progress.”

Bob Kluck, Broker/Owner, Exclusive Broker Services, LLC.

“Kevin succeeded (when others could not) in getting our company a multi-million dollar loan when we first started in business through his persistence and tenacity. He is extremely knowledgeable, persuasive and trusted by his peers. Kevin has a high energy level, and is a proven closer, time and time again.”

David Steuer, Developer, Builder, Broker

“Kevin Burke has impressed me over the years with his highly professional approach to his work, strong leadership skills and people skills with clients and staff, ability to find innovative solutions, and a get-it-done attitude. He has an in-depth understanding of business finance and economics that help him chart viable business strategies in turbulent economic times. Extremely dependable, he would add value to any organization or team.”

Bradford Philips, Country Director, Asian Development Bank

“Over the past 10 years or more, Kevin and I have come together to work on a variety of tasks. Kevin is industrious and creative. I am pleased to recommend him and to utilize his skills and services.”

David Wilkins, Vice President, Guggenheim Financial, LLC